Trudeau pledges Canada’s support for Ukraine and punishment for Russia

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to support Ukraine in a number of ways, including through military, economic, and humanitarian aid. He has also promised to back up his diplomatic efforts by taking action to penalize Russia for the conflict.

In a joint press conference with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Friday in Ottawa, Canada, Trudeau said, “We’re continuing to impose costs on Russia and making sure that those responsible for this illegal, unjustified invasion do not benefit from it.”

Trudeau pledges Canada's support for Ukraine and punishment for Russia
Trudeau pledges Canada’s support for Ukraine and punishment for Russia

On Friday, Zelenskyy also spoke to the Canadian Parliament. After meeting with MPs and Vice President Joe Biden in Washington, he arrived in Ottawa late on Thursday. On Wednesday, he addressed the U.N. General Assembly.

A working committee involving G7 members, including Canada and Ukraine, has been established to explore the seizure and forfeiture of Russian assets, including those from the Russian Central Bank. Said Trudeau.

In addition, Canada added 63 Russian people and organizations to its list of sanctioned parties, including “those complicit in the kidnapping of children and the spreading of disinformation,” according to Trudeau.

According to Trudeau, as part of Canada’s commitment to support Ukraine, $650 million in fresh military aid will be provided over the following three years.

50 armored vehicles, including armored medical evacuation vehicles made in London, Ontario, will be delivered by Canada to Ukraine. The anticipated support package includes light trucks, ammunition, 35 drones with high-resolution cameras, pilot and maintenance instructors for F-16 fighter jets, maintenance assistance for Leopard 2 battle tanks.

According to Trudeau, the multiyear support will also include a financial contribution to a consortium led by the United Kingdom that is sending Ukraine air defense weapons.

In addition to the countries signing a free trade deal, Canada will continue to provide financial assistance through the 2024 fiscal year, according to Trudeau.

Trudeau pledges Canada's support for Ukraine and punishment for Russia

Measures to enhance “cyber resilience,” rehabilitate local infrastructure, and help farmers will also be part of the additional aid provided to nonprofit organizations and the Ukrainian government. According to him, Canada also intends to provide money for the national war memorial in Ukraine and money to boost the accessibility of mental health support when it is suitable.

Defending democracy and denouncing Vladimir Putin’s (President of Russia) unprovoked, unjustifiable, and despicable invasion of Ukraine, Trudeau declared, “We stand here absolutely united.”

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